We are legion, the story of the hacktivists.

Watching that film gave me goose bumps with excitement with new ray of hope for our Tibet issues…



From China with love

“Be careful while choosing the Chinese products, specially routers and switches”.
Security researchers say they have discovered a hidden backdoor in wireless routers from Chinese hardware manufacturer Tenda.
Avoid using Chinese product such as HuaWei router and switch, ZTE devices.
Lest anyone think that D-Link is the only vendor who puts backdoors in their products, here’s one that can be exploited with a single UDP packet, courtesy of Tenda.
“Backdoor” is a computing term used by software designers who create a system with some form of security barrier but include a secret code that allows them to quickly get back into the system, if need be. That can cause problems if, as has happened here, the backdoor is too easy to discover.